Yörük Süt
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Brined Lump Cheese

You will Make a Journey to one of Anatolia's Deep Rooted Taste Traditions with “Antep Cheese”.

Are you looking for local flavor of Anatolia?

We offer you that in your home "ball by ball" with “Antep Cheese”. A unique combination of Anatolia palate with taste and health, quality and flavor of Yörüksüt... Enjoy your meal!


Pasteurized cow's milk (at least 45% milk fat in dry material), rennet, salt, sorbic acid, food grade salt (3% salt in dry material).


  • Energy(kcal/kj)302/1256
  • Fat(g)23,85
  • Carbohydrate(g)1,83
  • Protein(g)20,18
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