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Cloth Packed Cheese

You will melt as it will melt in the oven with the flavour of our “Cloth Cheese”

What can we learn from a baked crispy pita made with cheese: For example, the weight of the milk that the cheese is produced is 11 times the weight of the cheese; or ingredients are the world's most carefully produced culture and yeast to be eligible by your tongue’s  taste buds; or most importantly, produced by Yörüksüt  workin principle of: “We add our love to our products!”


Pasteurized cow's milk (at least 45% milk fat in dry material), cheese culture, rennet and emulsifying salts (E 452, E 339, E 331), sorbic acid salt and food grade salt (% 1,5 salt in dry material).


  • Energy(kcal/kj)302/1256 gr
  • Fat(g)23,85 gr
  • Carbohydrate(g)1,83 gr
  • Protein(g) 20,18 g
  • Energy135,9 kcal RDA 7,0%
  • Sugar0,82 RDA 1,0%
  • Total Fat10,7 g RDA  16%
  • Protein9,0 g RDA 18%
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