Company Profile

Yörüksüt was founded as a family company by Ramazan Öz and his brothers in Mersin-Turkey in 1992; but the “milk passion” of the family goes back to the 1940s: The experience of animal husbandry, dairy cow farming and dairy farming, which was born into and inherited from grandfather and father, forms the basis of Yörüksüt. Yörüksüt, which has shown a rapid and stable growth on these solid foundations, is now taking the steps of being a large corporate company with firm steps. Yörüksüt produces 20 different dairy products with 120 different barcodes in three factories in Mersin, Erbil and Zaho. These products are delivered to customers in the markets where they are located, through highly developed distribution channels.

Some of the projects approved and supported by prestigious national and international organizations and reflecting Yörüksüt’s project making capacity are as follows:

2009: Milk Cooling Center Project: Supported by Çukurova Development Agency.
2010: Capacity Building and Technology Renewal Project: Supported by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture.
2011: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP-MRP): supported by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Institution)
2011: NU-AGE Project : European Union joint research project supported by the European Union.
2012: Project of Establishing Labneh and Kashar Cheese Production Line: Supported by Çukurova Development Agency.

The “passion for milk” that led to the establishment of Yörüksüt, gave life to it and developed it, has been put into practice with slogans and principles such as “We add our love to our products” and “We never produce products that we cannot feed our children”, which reflect Yörüksüt’s principles and values ​​in the best way, and This has never been compromised.


Yörüksüt has always had big dreams about foreign investment and partnerships: To offer synergistic production and service in its field of expertise, to surpass itself by establishing win-win systems, and to contribute to the development of that region or country; that is, to establish large-scale and integrated farms, feed mills and dairy products… And these organizations provide both healthy and high quality dairy products to people; as well as increasing their level of well-being…

While Yörüksüt is chasing his dreams on the one hand, he has always kept his feet on the ground in terms of current realities on the other hand; and has always made short, medium and long-term growth plans. All the dreams of Yörüksüt so far have been realized without any failure and by taking a firm step each time. And Yörüksüt knows and feels that somewhere deep inside; his larger dreams will also come true, for they are transcendent and holistic dreams.

In the light of the experiential awareness mentioned above, Yörüksüt has shown a sustainable growth and development step by step, without any haste: In line with his dreams, it started exporting dairy products to Iraq in 2007; It established its first factory in Iraq in Zaho in 2010 and the second in Erbil in 2013. Meanwhile, it has become one of the leading brands by establishing a widespread marketing and distribution network in Iraq.

Yörüksüt applied for IPARD (European Union Pre-Accession Assistance) project in October 2016: In this context, the new factory construction process has started in Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone. Construction will start in the last quarter of 2016 and will be completed in about 9 months.

Yörüksüt conducts serious investment and partnership research in various countries such as Romania, Iran, Germany, and some of them have come to a conclusion in the short term.

Yörüksüt has a transcendent goal: to produce love, quality, health and wealth in the dairy industry in the world and to offer this to all stakeholders with the best service. And we strongly believe that; Trust, cooperation and synergy are the foundations of all successful partnerships.

Our History


The Birth of the Yörüksüt Success Story

Yoruksut’s experience in the sector dates back to the 1950s, operating in its modern facilities, which are among the few businesses in Mersin. The foundations of today’s Yörüksüt were laid with the evaluation of the work of Baba Cahit Öz, who was engaged in animal husbandry, from the 50s to the early 90s, by his sons and blending them with their future goals.


Adding Flavor to the Taste of Ayran…

By following the developing technology in 1998, the company that produced Mersin’s first glass of ayran became Mersin’s ayran brand in a short time. Producing ayran with the taste of ayran produced in the Highlands of the Taurus Mountains and being your taste has led us to make more investments for you.


Opening Our First Branch

Due to the growth of sales channels and more demand for Yörüksüt flavor, we opened our Pozcu Branch, our first branch in Mersin, where all Yörüksüt products can be found in one place and where our consumers will feel like they are at home. Currently, the number of our branches has increased to 5.


We have prepared our first project to add added value to the region.

In the project period, when Çukurova Development Agency (ÇKA) announced with the TR 62-08-001 call for proposals, it was aimed to modernize and develop the processing, packaging, storage, marketing and transportation stages of the activity process in the field of agriculture, livestock and rural development, and to increase product quality and production efficiency. We Prepared a Milk Cooling Center Establishment Project. Our project was accepted by ÇKA as the 2nd and we brought a Milk Cooling Center to our region.


We did our second project to renew our technology infrastructure and increase our capacity.

We carried out the Capacity Increase and Technology Renewal Project with the KKYDP 5th Stage Program supported by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and expanded our 9 machine parks.


With the Nu Age Research Project, which is a European Union Project, “How can a healthier old age be better with which diet? We sought an answer to your question.

In this context, we produced a low-fat, salt-free Cheddar Cheese for the elderly over the age of 65 to have a healthy old age. Our project, which lasted 5 years, was completed in June 2016.


With our 2nd Çukurova Development Agency Project, we carried out the Project of Establishing a New Labneh and Continuous Cheddar Cheese Production Line, and we brought competitive products to the region.

With the project, the Labneh Line, which is very popular in the Middle East Market, was established, the Cheddar Cheese Line was transformed into a Continuous Line and competitiveness was ensured.


Yörüksüt started to send products to Saudi Arabia after Iraq.

Yörüksüt, which has great goals and is loved at every point where its taste reaches, registered on the ministry website of Saudi Arabia and started exporting.


Yes, we have big goals! In order to achieve these goals, we started our overseas flavor journey in 2020. We made our first export to the United States and we got a little bigger.


The journey of the flavors we produce accelerated even more in 2021. We established the Outer Regional Directorate in Ghana and started to deliver Yörüksüt Flavors to African People.


What is the Difference of Yoruk Yogurt?

Yörüksüt started to offer products such as yogurt to the Mersin market in order to utilize the milk they produce. Making a difference with its taste and palate in the market it distributes in a short time, Yörüksüt reminds its customers of “What is the Difference of Yoruk Yoghurt?” brought the question. The answer to this question is hidden in the philosophy of Yörüksüt, “Producing Our Mothers’ Yoghurt”.


Establishment of Yoruksut Factory

When the date showed 2005, Yoruksut saw the saying of Peter Drucker, one of the most famous Management Gurus of the world, “The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It” as a guide for him and established his factory in the Taurus Mountains.


Yörüksüt Crosses Borders, Brings Its Taste To The Iraqi People.

Due to the fact that Iraq is aware of the taste of Yörüksüt and the high demand of entrepreneurs who do business there, Yörük Süt started its first export to Iraq and reached a large customer base in a short time.


Yörüksüt Takes Its Food Safety Management System Studies to the Next Level.

Yörüksüt, which has been working with a team of experts since the day it was founded, producing in accordance with food safety and without sacrificing quality, and not avoiding any cost for this, received the TS EN ISO 22000 Certificate in December 2009 as accredited by TSE with the audit it entered. Today, it continues to work with the same institution.


3. We did our project with KOSGEB, we installed the enterprise resource planning software in our factory.

With this Project, we have improved our targets, strengthened our infrastructure and made our resources more efficient.


Yörüksüt Does Not Fit In Its Container Is Opening Its First Factory Abroad.

Yörüksüt, which grows day by day and receives high demand from every region it reaches, established and put into service its first modern factory in Zakho City, Iraq in a short period of 9 months.


Yörüksüt opened its second factory abroad with great joy and effort.

Yörüksüt, an admired and sought-after brand in Iraq as well as in Turkey with its taste and flavor, opened its Second Modern Factory in Erbil, Iraq.


We have applied to the IPARD Program, which will be one of the most modern dairy facilities in the region, financed by the European Union and managed by the ARDSI Institution.

In this context, a fully automated factory will be built in Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone with a closed area of 10 000 square meters on a land of 16 000 square meters. After the required approval period, construction will begin in mid-2016 and will be completed in around 18 months.


Our New Factory, which will be one of the most modern dairy facilities in the region, has started production.
In Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone, a fully automated factory will be built on a 16 000 square meter land with a 10 000 square meter closed area. After the required approval period, construction will begin in mid-2016 and will be completed in around 18 months.