Cloth Cheese

With the flavor of Cloth Cheese, you will melt like it does in the oven!

What can we learn from a crispy cheese pita made in the oven: For example, the cheese in it is obtained from milk 11 times its weight, or the world’s most meticulously produced cultures and yeasts are used to make the taste suitable for your mouth, or most importantly, the effort of the Yörük Dairy Family that “adds their love while producing”. produced with.

Nutritional Values

  • Energy(kcal/kj)302/1256 gr
  • Fat(g)23.85 g
  • Carbs(g) 1.83 g
  • Protein(g) 20.18 g
  • Energy135.9 kcal GKM 7.0%
  • Sugar0.82 GKM 1.0%
  • Total Fat10.7 g GKM 16%
  • Protein9.0 g GKM 18%