Occupational Health and Safety Policy

To fulfill all legal obligations that will ensure that all our employees and all other people who may be affected by our work, work in a healthy, safe and good condition in our work on Occupational Health and Safety, in the factory,

  • To provide and maintain safe machinery and equipment with no risk to health.
  • To store cleaning chemicals and equipment in such a way that there is no health risk when used and to ensure their safety.
  • To use and maintain the Work Site in such a way that there is no safety or health risk.
  • To provide occupational health and safety trainings to all Employees, to implement the necessary instructions and procedures.
  • To carry out the works together with all Yörüksüt employees, to take into account the suggestions and concerns, and thus to manage the works at all levels in the enterprise more securely,

Working with the active contribution of all employees in the company to the Occupational Health and Safety studies, not forgetting that every individual working in the company has a legal and moral responsibility to other employees and to himself,

Yoruksut A.Ş To provide the necessary resources to implement all administrative and managerial obligations, to make the necessary risk analyzes related to our work and to ensure its sustainability, to review and renew our work when necessary, to take our Occupational Health and Safety studies to higher levels with comments and suggestions from our customers and employees, It is our Security Policy.