Stick Cheese

With Stick Cheese, you will add snack pleasure to cheese,

In the meetings we held with our R&D Team, we thought about how we could add a snack to cheese while brainstorming. We wanted to produce a product that the consumer can eat like a snack while watching a match, studying or watching a TV series. Stick Cheese came out of such an idea and due to its high nutritional content, it is very healthy, unlike classic cookies. So, it is “Healthy Snack Cookie Cheese”. In short, ÇERNİR.

Nutritional Values

  • Energy and Nutrients100 gr
  • Energy(kcal/kj)302/1256 gr
  • Fat(g)23.85 g
  • Carbs(g) 1.83 g
  • Protein(g) 20.18 g