Cheddar Cheese

With our Cheddar Cheese, your palate will say “I’m not satisfied yet”!

The most practical food we make when we are hungry is toast and this is indispensable for many of us. What makes toast toast is the cheese inside. Cheddar Cheese is a pleasure that your palate can hardly get enough of, as it has high nutritional values and can be consumed in every meal.

Nutritional Values

  • Energy(kcal/kj)302/1256 gr
  • Fat(g)23.85 g
  • Carbs(g) 1.83 g
  • Protein(g) 20.18 g
  • Energy135.9 kcal GKM 7.0%
  • Sugar0.82 GKM 1.0%
  • Total Fat10.7 g GKM 16%
  • Protein9.0 g GKM 18%